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Sustainability & Compliance

Our long-term, sustainable corporate development includes economic, ecological, and social aspects.


This holistic thinking determines our action. In accordance with the Brundtland definition of sustainability, with our processes and products we strive to meet the requirements of today’s generation - without inflicting any limitations on the requirements of future generations.

The sustainability columns of the Schur Flexibles Group

Society and social aspects

  • We assume responsibility for our employees, for the employees of our customers, and for society.
  • We cooperate with social initiatives, scientific institutions, universities, municipalities, authorities, and government organisations.
  • We respect human rights and condemn child labour.
  • We attempt to monitor, to document, and to reduce any negative implications of our business activities.

Ecological aspects

  • We strive to permanently reduce our material consumption and to optimise our production processes.
  • The use of recycled raw materials will be accelerated as much as possible.
  • We optimise existing and implement new processes in order to reduce the amount of waste generated at our production sites.
  • We constantly reduce our energy consumption.

Business aspects

  • Corporate sustainability for us means long-term business success and a robust development based on a solid financial situation.
  • We strive to establish long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers.
  • We support the use of innovative new raw materials, intelligent technologies, and sustainable equipment.


Regulatory Affairs is an indispensable building block of our customer service. We have experts for this at each production site of the Schur Flexibles Group. The team constantly evaluates the used raw materials, the processes and the packaging materials in terms of food safety. In addition, we regularly exchange information with our suppliers in order to meet this demand along the supply chain. We have thus created the basis allowing us to implement customer requests quickly and in the required quality.

Raw materials and final products are constantly monitored in order to meet national and international food law requirements, in particular according to EC Regulation (EU) 1935/2004 and Good Manufacturing Practice Regulation (EU) 2023/2006 – from development to delivery. The regular exchange with scientific bodies and continuous education of our team members guarantee our clients a high standard of regulatory services.