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Our long-term, sustainable development of our business includes economical, ecological, and social aspects.

Holistic thinking determines our action. According to the Brundtland Commission's definition of sustainability, our processes and products are designed to meet the needs of people – without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

The 5R Approach

Our five pillars of sustainability



Recycling – Create a circular economy

  • Most of our products will be recyclable before 2025. We already have a lot of recyclable products in our portfolio today.
    • PE-based skin films/shrink films
    • PP-based rigid films
    • OPP lidding films and flowpacks
  • To optimise the cycle of potentially recyclable resources, we rely on flexible films consisting of mono materials and polyolefins while also researching materials that allow for even better recycling.

Replace – Development of new materials

  • Our goal: to replace all non-sustainable materials with sustainable materials.
    • Existing materials are replaced by innovative solutions such as DanaFibre, SuperThin and recyclable materials
    • Flowpacks and stand-up pouches, or thermoforming solutions, replace conventional packages

Reduction – Ultra-thin and lightweight films

  • Innovative research and development are the basis for thinner, light-weight films – with constantly high quality and functionality.
    • SuperThin currently is the thinnest laminate film world-wide
  • Using our ultra-thin laminates, we reduce the amount of resources required for storage and transportation as well as the consumption of energy and the generation of carbon dioxide along the entire value chain.

Renewal – Keep balance

  • We focus on resource-saving and renewable raw materials.
  • We use e.g. FSC-certified paper, increasingly replacing fossil fuels with renewable alternatives.
  • Our portfolio: paper, waxed paper, PE from renewable resources (bioethanol), DanaFibre, as well as starch-based films.

Responsibility – society, environment, and economy

We are committed to a responsible usage of raw materials – across all levels, at all our sites, from office lighting to the reduction of production waste.

  • Society: We cooperate with social initiatives, scientific institutions, universities, communities, public authorities, and government organisations. We respect human rights and condemn child labour.
  • Environment: Our target is the permanent reduction of raw material consumption. This covers both our products and our production. We therefore optimise our processes and procedures. On top of that, we increasingly use recyclable materials.
  • Economy: We strive for long-term, sustainable partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Schur Flexibles rethink Initiative    rethink

Sustainable packaging from a single source

From consulting to concept development and process implementation – using our rethink initiative, we support our customers, helping them to build up a more sustainable product portfolio. We are thus on our way to not only meet, but even exceed the sustainability goals defined by the EU for a circular economy and waste reduction.

Furthermore, in accordance with our 5R approach, it is a true matter of concern to us to be an active member of the Initiatives “Save Food” and “CEFLEX” and to contribute our know-how for example regarding high barrier packaging and reclose applications. Day in and day out, every Schur Flexibles employee contributes his/her experience and expertise in order to break new ground in the flexible packaging industry and thus contributes to significantly increase the shelf-life of packaged food. By this we not only help to prevent food waste itself, but also help to protect the resources used to grow and produce it.


Ceflex is a European initiative with the aim of creating an infinite resource cycle - a circular economy. The raw materials which are used for the production of plastic packaging must no longer be lost, but should be transferred into a circular economy. That's why Ceflex works with all the value chain stakeholders to make packaging better, lighter and more sustainable.

Learn more about CEFLEX, including its vision and activities in this video.

   SafeFood  Ceflex

Please download our sustainability brochure here.

If you would like to find out more about our five pillars of sustainability and our sustainable product portfolio, please contact us directly at Our friendly sales team looks forward to hearing from you and will gladly provide you with the personal support and information you require.