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Schur Flexibles Vacufol GmbH is one of the biggest green-field investments, has been built, and developed since 2010. We are located in Bad Grönenbach, Allgäu, Germany.

Schur Flexibles Vacufol is specialized to fulfil packaging requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry. We produce EVOH-based and barrier free shrink films and shrink bags, PP/PA/EVOH/PE lidding and thermoforming films. Within the Schur Flexibles Group, we are the center of excellence for all EVOH-shrink and PA/PE films and bags.

Therefore, we operate the most modern and sophisticated extrusion and bag converting equipment of the industry and offer the following products/technologies:

9-layer EVOH shrink technology

  • Excellent transparancy and gloss
  • High shrinkability of over 45 %
  • Overlapping seal
  • Extremely high puncture resistance

 7-layer “Waterquench” technology

  • High-barrier PP/PA/EVOH/PE thermoforming films
  • Excellent transparany and high gloss
  • High mechanical stability
  • Improved thermoforming properties


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