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Schur Flexibles Flexofol GmbH was founded in 1993 and is located in Kempten, Germany.

As the center of excellence for flexo-printed films and laminates for all different kinds of packaging solutions mainly for the fresh food market, the site is one of the most innovative producers of packaging solutions for cheese, meat, sliced meat, poultry and fish.

Among others the product range of Schur Flexibles Flexofol comprises:

  • Flow-pack films for vertical and horizontal packaging machines
  • Top and bottom films for all types of deep thermoforming machines
  • Top webs for premade trays for all kind of tray sealing machines
  • Reclosable films for top webs and flow-pack based on PE and PET sealing layer
  • Packaging solutions for pasteurization, sterilization and microwave
The available technologies include:
  • HQ flexo printing with up to 10 colours + matt lacquer and in-line lamination
  • Duplex and triplex lamination (solvent free and solvent based)
  • Slitting and rewinding


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