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The rethink initiative

Sustainable packaging from a single source


From consulting to concept development and process implementation – we use our rethink initiative to support our customers and help them to build up a more sustainable product portfolio. We are thus on the path not only to meeting but also to exceeding the sustainability goals defined by the EU for a circular economy and waste reduction.

Furthermore, and in accordance with our 5R – Recycling, Replace, Reduction, Renewal, Responsibility – approach, we are committed and active members of the “Save Food” and “CEFLEX” initiatives, where we are proud to contribute our know-how, for example on high barrier packaging and reclose applications. Day in and day out, all Schur Flexibles employees apply their experience and expertise in order to break new ground in the flexible packaging industry and thus contribute to significantly increase the shelf life of packaged food. By this we help not only to prevent food waste but also to protect the resources used to grow and produce the food itself.