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Executive Board

Michael Schernthaner

Michael Schernthaner
Chief Executive Officer

Michael joined Schur Flexibles in 2017 and leads the Group as CEO. With the fast M&A integration of well-established family businesses across Europe, Michael has successfully expanded Schur Flexibles’ Centre of Excellence concept, creating a strong and agile company.

Michael’s leadership is characterised by consistent innovation management, targeted dynamics that always reflect the customer's interests, and a management style that turns all employees into co-entrepreneurs. His clear focus on sustainability and digitalisation not only drives the growth of Schur Flexibles entities in Europe, but also leads the way for the transformation of the industry as a whole.

In the past, Michael held various international management positions at global companies in the packaging and automotive industries, where he demonstrated his in-depth knowledge of change management and his dedication to transformation and integration strategies.


Juan Luis Martinez Artega

Juan Luís Martínez Arteaga
Chief Operating Officer

Juan Luís joined Schur Flexibles as COO in 2018. With his focus on transparency and best-practice management, he is speeding up the Group’s operational transformation to enhance its ecological footprint and to pave the way for a circular economy.

To drive the Group’s continuous improvement measures, he is challenging its procedures throughout the whole organisation. With this approach, he has succeeded in optimising the use of capacities across the Group and its operational processes, e.g. with best-in-class speed in change-over times and operational excellence.

Juan Luís is a team-player, promoting interaction and entrepreneurship. He brings in an unrivalled expertise in operations and process optimisation based on his long-term international management experience in packaging and construction materials as well as automotive industries.


Marek Pawlak

Marek Pawlak
Chief Sales Officer

Marek is an internationally experienced manager in the flexible packaging industry: In his nearly 30 years with Schur Flexibles, he has held various positions, including the role of Sales Unit Head, and contributed significantly to the Group’s success. Furthermore, as Managing Director, he ensured the successful market position and development of the Group’s production plants.

Specialising in cross culture communication and social sciences, Marek is also an internationally renowned lecturer. With his intercultural leadership skills, Marek is strengthening international teams and successfully driving innovation and transformation processes.


Michael Fischkin

Michael Fischkin
Group Finance Director

Michael has been Group Finance Director at Schur Flexibles since 2019. In his international management career as a finance leader, he has specialised in controlling, accounting, IFRS and financing projects, among other things. For more than 10 years, Michael has been responsible for group finance in management positions in the packaging industry.

As a leader, Michael is driving the group-wide alignment of financial standards and group consolidation. Thanks to his in-depth expertise, he and his team have established a platform for transparency in the financial sector and a successful strategic positioning of the fast-growing Schur Flexibles Group.