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Schur Flexibles Moneta

Schur Flexibles Moneta

Center of Excellence: Twist-PACKAGES / Converting / ConfectionEry

Schur Flexibles Moneta is a hidden technical champion. As the world’s only converter, Moneta prints, laminates and coats extremely thin plastic and aluminium films (up to 3 µm) as well wax papers/laminates. With its unique technology and special know-how, the Slovak plant is our center of excellence for efficient and sustainable twist packages in the snack and confectionery market.

Our products

  • Yango twist: Thin, printed paper/plastic laminates
  • Yango aluminium films: Extremely thin aluminium laminates (from 4.7 µm), tear and puncture resistant, printed and unprinted, e.g. for chocolate, milk, and cheese products
  • Yango aluminium strips: Printed films with laminated aluminium strips of various widths and positions for different wrapping applications, e.g. for sweets
  • Yango Wax Paper: Coated paper with untreated wax for natural look and feel, ideal for sticky sweets

Our markets

  • Snacks and confectionery
  • Cheese and dairy products, especially soft cheese

Our expertise

  • Twist technology
  • Globally unique: Printing, laminating, and coating of extremely thin laminate systems (< 10 µm)
  • High-quality gravure printing (up to 8 colours)

About us

  • Established: 2002
  • Employees: approx. 80
  • Certificates:
    • BRC/IoP
    • ISO 9001:2015
    • ISO 22000:2005
  • DuPont Gold Award 2011 – “Most Innovative Packaging“ category

Your benefits

  • Expertise as specialised converter
    for snack and confectionery applications
  • Broad range of SuperThin aluminium films
  • Market and technology leader in the SuperThin and WaxPaper product segment
  • Premium quality and hygiene standards


Schur Flexibles Moneta

Cukrovarská 8/32
075 01 Trebisov

Phone: +421 566 684 218
Fax: +421 566 684 218