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PS Polymer Sourcing

PS Polymer Sourcing

Center of Excellence: Raw Materials – Consulting, Procurement, and Distribution

Excellent raw materials are the basis for high-performance packaging solutions. PS Polymer Sourcing bundles our expertise for the selection, procurement and distribution of standard and high-quality polymers under the roof of the Schur Flexibles Group. The Polymer Sourcing experts act as professional interface between polymer producers and processors, offering extensive resin granulate and additive know-how across the supply chain.

Our services

  • Selection, procurement and distribution of polymers, e.g.
    • Polyethylene (PE, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE), polypropylene (PP), plastomers
    • Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
    • Fillers, lubricants, anti-blocking agents, colour batches
    • Special types for the production of multi-layer films
    • EVOH, ionomers, bonding agents
    • Support for the procurement of business partners
  • Market analyses/Forecasting 
  • Technical and analytical support
  • Logistics optimisation
  • Procurement of raw materials for partner companies

Your benefits

  • Long-term experience in the plastics market
  • Global network of raw material producers in all key regions of the polymer industry
  • Needs-based calculation for optimum supply of raw materials
  • Ideal for small and medium size demand profiles
  • Highly reliable delivery

About us

  • Established: 2013
  • Employees: 9


PS Polymer Sourcing GmbH

Paderborner Straße 30
34414 Warburg/Scherfede

Phone: +49 5642 987 540
Fax: +49 5642 987 54 10