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Sustainability Report 2020

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Schur Flexibles “Our best for your goods”

In 2020, we at Schur Flexibles captured the dynamics of this special year to set the course for our agile development in the future. This process has been laid in our ReThinking initiative, involving employees from all sites and discussing the future purpose and values for the group. We claim to do “Our best for your goods” – in all aspects of cooperating with clients, partners as well as internally amongst our teams.

We are the accelerator of change for a better world through protective packaging solutions

Our Group’s purpose and discussed set of Values provide now the basis for developing our Group’s new visual approach: Our logo has evolved to embody an agile concept with a fresh and forward looking appeal, it feels vibrant, positive and human. Just like we are, and what we strive for.

Our new visual language stands for innovation, movement and provides exciting possibilities for change. A friendly and vivid color range supports the human-centered company approach of Schur Flexibles and clearly positions the visual profile of a modern and forward driven group. As a vessel for the different locations of our company, the brand visual stands for individuality within one strong and reliable company, for transparency and trust in each other.

Over the next few months, this new brand visual will grow in an agile and evolving process – like Schur Flexibles as a group is growing dynamically along our integrated value chain of sustainable flexible packaging solutions. This brand design brings visibility to this adaptive process, providing orientation along our products, our services and our sites.

Keep in touch and see how it evolves, also here on this website, step by step in 2021. So join us on this journey!


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